Hello, World!

Posted on July 2, 2015

Hi there, my name is Alexander Weidinger, aka ‘irgendwie’ and aka ‘scriptfish’. This post is the beginning of my blog and what is there to say, but a friendly

module Main where

main :: IO ()
main = putStrLn "Hello, World!"

Technical aspects of this blog

As I am a fan of minimalism in design, focus on functionality and don’t like to have much dependencies in my projects, I chose the static website generator Hakyll from Jasper Van der Jeugt instead of a blogging software like the famous Wordpress project.

If you don’t like ‘the design’ of this blog, here is my favourite quote for you:

This is a motherfucking website.
And it’s fucking perfect.


What is this blog about?

With this blog, I want to focus on posts about IT security. Nonetheless it’s possible that I write about other things, which I’m currently interested in or I think are worth to write about.